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August 07 2017

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HOW??? Because I’d just melt into a puddle…  x_x

cr: @Jinkination

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cutest duo ✨💕💖

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jungkook, why you always lying


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psa about fire choreo by kim namjoon

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Peace be upon you

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Send me an emoji!


💌: I’d love to send you more messages and asks but you make me nervous!

😊: You’re sweet. You’ve made me smile before.

🙏: I’m a little afraid that you’ll unfollow me.

🔪: I’d hate to get on your bad side.

😶: I’m honored that you’re even following me tbH.

👾: Your theme is awesome!


💉: Talking to you or seeing you on my dash makes me feel better.

😐: I don’t understand half the things you reblog but I support you anyway.

🌑: You come off as cold, impersonal.

👒: You come off as very friendly!

🌃: I’d like to spend more time talking to you.

🎭: You sure do get into a lot of drama…

😄: I can always count on you to like/reply to my personal posts.

🍥: Your aesthetic is very streamlined. It’s clear you’re picky about the stuff you reblog.

🍬: You’re sweet, but I feel like I know very little about you as a person.

🐟: Your blog isn’t quite my “type.”

😅: I often worry about upsetting you or scaring you off.

😇: Every single interaction we’ve had so far has been positive.

🐱: You’re cute‼︎

🌱: I’d love to get to know you better.

☔️: You seem unhappy.

😃: I love seeing you in my notifications!

🐸: You act goofy.

💻: Are you ever not online?

❄️: Your BYF struck me as kind of harsh, but I followed you anyway.

😆: You’ve made me laugh out loud before.

💔: You’ve disappointed me before.

📺: We have similar interests!

🔈: We have similar tastes in music.

🌊: You have a lot of personality.

😀: I would consider us friends.

🎀: We have similar aesthetics!

🍳: This is an egg in a frying pan!

🎉: I get really happy when I see positive personal posts from you, even when I don’t fully understand the context!

😈: I know your secret~

🌴: I’m jealous of you.

: Could you, like, chill a little bit maybe? Like in general? Please?

🎶: I associate you with a specific song or musician.

👟: I feel as though you’re out of my league.

🐚: I find your blog very calming.

👀: I’ve vagued about you before.

🍰: I might recognize you if I ran into you on the street.

😂: I’m comfortable around you.

🌈: Sometimes I see your selfies and think to myself: “I’m gay.”

🌹: I wouldn’t mind going on a date with you.

😓: I’ve talked to you before and it made me a nervous!

👑: You’re vain.

📝: I know a lot about you just from following you on Tumblr.

🌙: You’re beautiful.

🍓: You remind me of someone…

😒: I honestly don’t know why I’m even still following you at this point.

😳: I’ve learned things about you that have surprised me a lot!

🐭: Please be kinder to yourself.

😑: -__-

👔: I think you’re someone who takes themself very seriously.

🍉: I wish we lived closer to each other.

🍭: You confuse me.

😮: I wish I could give you some advice.

💐: I have a crush on you.

😁: You’re a little awkward, but I find it endearing.

💕: I love you‼︎

👍: I like you. Just, in general. I think you’re a genuinely good person.


i just reblog things arbitrarily. i do nt care anymore. blog is a dumpster.


reblog this with your moon sign and which song by bts always makes you emotional (and why)

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That leather jacket… it’s very expensive. It’s like my second skin? I wear it to sleep. It’s my pyjamas.”


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Jimin is ready to spill some tea 24/7

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*scales the office windows of the BigHit building*

i’ve been listening to jin’s cover of 난 너를 사랑해 and it breaks my heart every time? his voice is so beautiful and i definitely need to hear more of it. jin and ballads are a match made in heaven.

*taps windows* hey bang shihyuk are you listening to me??

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this is an old-ass meme but the humor is very 2017. this could have been made yesterday

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Being abused made me such a “good kid.”

I was

  • Always polite
  • Never acted without permission
  • Never spoke out of turn
  • Always did what I was told

And it’s shitty that I was considered mature and praised for those things, and all of those characteristics have translated into me being an immature, “bad adult.”

Now I

  • Have difficulty making a keeping friends
  • Can’t act without permission/am dependent on others for direction
  • Am terrible at communicating
  • Have no agency/personal compass

It’s a really difficult thing for people who were abused as children to grapple with.
What made us good children make us bad adults.

This is Important


August 06 2017

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agust d, the cutest rapper
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