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August 10 2017






do older generations not get fatalistic humor?? like the other day my friend’s parents were hanging around and we were joking and i was like “well no matter what i can always fling myself off the nearest cliff” and they didn’t laugh then later the mom pulled me aside and was like “maybe you should get some help, sweetie” like stfu?? help? in this economy? i don’t think so, debra

I honestly don’t think they get it as a coping mechanism, they think it’s a cry for help rather than actually helping.

i’d even say it’s past just coping and is also now a category of Stuff Kids Got Used To When No One Was Looking; not everyone using that humor is even covering up something bigger, we just stopped thinking fatalistic = taboo/unspeakable somewhere along the line, and most parents don’t seem to know why or how ~

My boss opened a door and missed me by inches, he said “whoops, almost killed you there!” My result of “Oh, if only.” Led to an awkward end of shift debrief.

This generation shares the same humor as the goddamn Addams Family and the previous generation is the White Sixties Family™ that lives next door and runs away screaming at the end of the episode


do you ever just listen to sad music to let it hurt or is that just me


a lot of people call zenyatta “zen” or “zenny” in the fandom so just. imagine genji and zenyatta meeting hanzo and genji introduces zenyatta as “zen” and hanzo is confused like “just zen?” and zenyatta goes “no it is short for zenjamin”


disliking a group doesnt give you the right to be disgusting

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don’t cut my tiny glory religious watermark.
twitter 정국님의 옥체 컬렉션 @jungkook_body

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same tbh

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mutuals love@taepott requested: taehyung + prologue




I… Am Space Jam


Need to be come on and slammed

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namseok: predebut → 2017

August 09 2017

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[1 / ?] Fav Jin looks
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taekook messing with each other on sets of photoshoots 

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surfer babe


taehyung is the type of person to say nakey instead of naked

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August 08 2017


I need to study
I need to stud
I need to stu
I need to st
I need to s
I need to
I need t
I need
I need u girl wae honja saranghago honjaseoman ibyeolhae

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