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July 16 2017


do people actually hate war of hormone that much or do they just say they do bc everyone else says it….

15 things kim namjoon did:


  1. Once choked on a toothbrush because Jungkook said he looks like an egg.
  2. Taught Jimin how to cuss in a melodious way. “~Let’s not give a fuck, we don’t give a fuck.~
  3. Confessed that he downloaded porn on a tv show and dragged the rest of bangtan down with him by saying they all watch it anyway.
  4. Got slapped on the titty by the maknae because he ‘looks good in that particular outifit’.
  5. Accidentally performed half-naked on stage.
  6. Got hit straight in the face by yoongi during a dance practice. No one noticed.
  7. Calculated the equivalent of 43 minutes in seconds in the span of 3 seconds just to prove taehyung wrong. His calculations was correct.
  8. Dissed Jimin in his freestyle rap saying that if he was a basketball shoes then jimin is a pair of flip-flops.
  9. Clasps his hands with tae and didn’t let go when he thought tae was sleeping. He’s not. 
  10. Uploaded a selca, roasted by the maknae line+hobi. Uploaded another selca, jin and yoongi joined.
  11. Randomly shoved two fries up his nostrils. 
  12. Deleted an iconic video tweet by tae and kook which features him sleeping with mouth wide open.
  13. Only got one letter on an ‘anonymous complaint letter’ segment on kkul fm. It was filled with compliment from hoseok.
  14. Made a dick comment on tv and casually talked about his boner on a radio.
  15. Shouted at a pot to make it boil faster. It didn’t.

bonus: solved an IQ 170 question in 11 seconds. 

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let’s keep moving forward, together 


kpop idol: *spends hours upon hours learning english, japanese, and mandarin to be able to promote internationally, learns many phrases from even more languages to be able to communicate with fans around the world, perfects seoul dialect and also has to full-on learn korean if they arent of korean nationality*
international fan that can only speak english and also probably pronounces idols name wrong: lol engrish

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don’t let go of my hand forever
I won’t let go of you again either  

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in a room filled with other people, yet…

July 15 2017

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Toy Story World in Kingdom Hearts III (2018)

July 14 2017

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© THE HO’S | Do not edit.
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date someone whose voice can make you calm… or wet… or both

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im glad theyre friends

Sitting vaguely drunk at a bar blogging about bts I am loving life

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taehyung wearing GUCCI ;for anon
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